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Session 5: Contact modelling for fibrous materials

Session 9: Mechanics of Yarns and yarn-to-yarn contacts

9:00 AM


Vanessa Dörlich, Stefan Diebels, and Joachim Linn 9:00 AM M. Tourlonias, M.-A. Bueno and D. Poquillon

Session 1: Geometrical modelling of braided and woven materials

Investigation of finite deformations of multi-component cables Friction of orthogonal carbon yarn and fibres
9:25 AM Boris Duchamp, Damien Soulat, Xavier Legrand and Yordan Kyosev Christoph Meier, Alexander Popp, Wolfgang A. Wall 9:25 AM A. Wendling-Hivet, S. Allaoui, J. Gillibert and G. Hivet
Elaboration and geometrical simulation of triaxial braided reinforcements Modeling of highly slender fibers based on geometrically exact Kirchhoff beam elements and a unified contact approach Experimental characterization of the cohesion of carbon fibre yarns
9:50 AM Yordan Kyosev S. Borodulina, H.R. Motamedian and A. Kulachenko 9:50 AM A.-S. Lectez, C. Binetruy, S. Comas-Cardona, J.-M. Lebrun and E. Verron
Method of the parallel sections for modelling of orthogonally interlaced etxtile structures at fibre scale Effect of variation in morphological properties of fibers and bond strength on the tensile stiffness and strength of fibers network 3D mechanical characterization of dry carbon fiber tows
10:15 AM A.R. Labanieh, X. Legrand, D. Soulat, Y. Liu, D. Vasiukov and S. Panier D. Durville, H. Moustacas, P. Davies 10:15 AM Coffee break
Multiaxis multilayer woven fibre reinforcement: geometric modelling and mechanical characterization FE modeling of the initial configuration and mechanical properties of textile materials

Session 10: Buckling and wrinkling fo textiles

10:40 AM Coffee break Coffee break 10:45 AM Philip Harrison, Drew Anderson, Marcos F. Alvarez, Eshan Bali and Yuri Mateos

Session 2: Resistance to impact

Session 6: Mechanics of fibers and entangled monofilaments

Measuring and Modelling the In-Plane Bending Stiffness and Wrinkling behaviour of engineering fabrics
11:15 AM F. Martínez-Hergueta, A. Ridruejo, C. González and J. Llorca Paul Grandgeorge, Arnaud Antkowiak and Sebastien Neukich 11:10 AM John-Eric Dufour, Emilie Gonnet, Sébastien Grau and François Hild
Ballistic Performance of Needlepunched Nonwoven Fabrics : Experiments and Modeling Liquid wires – fiber coiling inside a droplet provides highly stretchable device On the analysis of canvas painting deformation via global stereocorrelation
11:40 AM Zhenyu Wu, Priscilla Reiners, Yordan Kyosev D. Rodney, L. Orgéas and S. Rolland du Roscoat 11:35 AM P. Boisse, N. Hamila, A. Madeo
FEM modelling of stab penetration test trough woven fabrics at different scales Poisson's function of single-wire entangled materials : from below 0 tension to above 0.5 in compression Modelling the development of defects during fibrous and textile material forming
12:05 AM J. Girardot, F. Dau A. Del Masto, F. Trivaudey, V. Guicheret-Retel, V. Placet, L. Boubakar 12:00 PM Lunch
Modeling a textile at different scale using the discrete element method, application to impact Relationships between 3D geometry and tensile behaviour of plant fibres: a numerical study based on anisotropic viscoelastic model 1:30 PM

Session 11: Mechanics of random fibrous media (2)

12:30 AM Lunch Lunch 1:30 PM A. Thompson, J. Belnoue and S.R. Hallett

Session 3: Mesomodels of textiles

Session 7: Mechanics of fiber-reinforced composites

A meso-scale modelling approach for virtual characterisation of dry textile preforms
2:00 PM L.A.A. Beex, M. Duflot and L. Adam Qi-Chang He 1:55 PM Catalin R. Picu, A. Shahsavari, E. Ban
A comparison of two meso-models for dry-woven fabrics and their multiscale equivalents Exact connections between the effective elastic moduli of fibre-reinforced composites with general imperfect interfaces Mechanics of composite random fiber network
2:25 PM Vu Ngoc Khiêm , Mikhail Itskov,  Helga Krieger and Thomas Gries Julien Boisse, Zakaryia Boufaida, Stéphane André , Laurent Farge 2:20 PM Sarah Staub, Heiko Andrä and Matthias Kabe
A hyperelastic constitutive model for non-crimp fabrics Numerical simulations based on a spectral solver for multiscale modelling of a glass fabric-thermoplastic resin composite: validation through 3d-dic measurements Rate-dependent deformation simulation of nonwovens
2:50 PM Julia Orlik, Vladimir Shiryaev W.Dib, G.Bles, A.Blaise and A.Tourabi 2:45 PM Kamel Berkache, Ibrahim Goda, Sai Deogekar, Jean-François Ganghoffer, Catalin Picu, and Salah Benhadid
Simulation and Optimization of Textile Membrane via Homogenization adn Beam Approximation Modelling of the mechanical behaviour of textile materials under biaxial loading and finite deformation Identification of second gradient continuum models for random fibrous networks
3:15 PM Massimo Cuomo, Francesco dell'Isola, Ivan Giorgio and Leopoldo Greco A. Garcia-Carpintero, J.J.M. Knippenberg, J. Xu, C.S. Lopes and C. Gonzalez 3:10 PM Hilal Reda, Kamel Berkache, Jean-François Ganghoffer, and Salah Benhadid
A simplified analysis of a generalized bias-test for fabrics with inextensible fibers Experimental and numerical analysis of the in-plane mechanical response of triaxially braided composites Dynamical properties of random fibrous networks based on homogenized micropolar models
3:40 PM Samuel Poincloux, Mokhtar Adda-Bedia and Frédéric Lechenault Charles E. Lord and Jem A. Rongong 3:45 PM Coffee break
Mechanics of a loose knitted fabric Analytical frequency response estimates for layered-type fibrous structures 4:15 PM

Session 12: Multi-physics couplings in fibrous materials

4:05 PM Coffee break Coffee break 4:15 PM Emanuela Bosco, Ron H.J. Peerlings, and Marc G.D. Geers

Session 4: Fibrous microstructures and 3D imaging

Session 8: Mechanics of random fibrous media (1)

A multi-scale approach for the analysis of paper hygro-mechanics
4:30 PM Y. Sinchuk, Y. Pannier, M. Gueguen, D. Tandiang and M. Gigliotti Stepan V. Lomov and Larissa Gorbatikh 4:40 PM Y. Pannier, Y. Sinchuk, M. Gueguen, D. Tandiang and M. Gigliotti
Computed-tomography based models for simulation of the multi-physics behaviour of textile composite materials Compressibility of nanotube assemblies Simulation of thermo-diffuso-mechanical coupled behaviour of textile composite materials
4:55 PM Z. Yousaf, P. Potluri, and P. Withers Fadhel Chatti, Christophe Bouvet, Dominique Poquillon, Guilhem Michon and Laurent Mezeix 5:05 PM Per Isaksson, Victoria Krasnoslyk, Pierre Dumont, Sabine Rolland du Roscoat
Nesting and packing of aligned tows during compaction Numerical Modeling of porous materials made with entangled fibers network Is fracture sensitive to moisture in cellulose fiber materials?
5:20 PM S. Moulinet, G. Verhille, N. Vandenberghe, M. Adda-Bedia, P. Le Gal Elsa Piollet, Dominique Poquillon and Guilhem Michon 17:30:00 End
Aegagropilae: mechanical and structural properties of a natural fiber cluster Effect of entangled cross-linked fibres on structural vibrations – Single-degree-of-freedom analysis
5:45 PM Dorian Depriester, Sabine Rolland du Roscoat, Laurent Orgéeas, Christian Geindreau, Dimitri Ferrée-sentis and Tanguy Laurencin
Fiber identification in 3d fibrous materials imaged by x-ray tomography
6:15 PM

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